Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategies

Master the skills of online-offline marketing – Join us and experience Digital Marketing Strategy

Are the “old” rules of marketing dead or do they still apply in the digital age? What is the best way to set up a digital innovation team?


Which metrics should you be tracking and how should pricing strategy change? And when does branding really pay off in the digital environment?

The explosion of digital platforms and channels is causing many sales and marketing professionals to rethink their marketing strategy. Because this new landscape is challenging and changing, you’re seeking smart strategies to navigate it. You want to make the most of your brand strategy in both channels, online and offline.


Experience Real Learning, Real Impact

Join CIDE and gain the best business insights into digital transformation. Separate the digital hype from reality: let timeless marketing fundamentals guide your decision-making, online and offline.  Understand how digitalization changes customer decision-making and what that means.


Why Join?

Become familiar with emerging business models and new approaches to market strategy

Master new technologies to connect with customers

The course is conducted over 3 days online, including interactive discussions, peer sharing, guest speakers, cutting-edge content and personal coaching.


The Program Journey

During Digital Marketing Strategy you’ll explore how to:

Understand customer-centricity in the digital age Ensure marketing is bringing the customer value on their journey vs focusing on supplier value. Transform your offering, market access and purchase process to optimise the customer experience.

Learn how to balance traditional and social media & design an omnichannel experience.


Program framework

During your time with CIDE, you will discuss new digital marketing concepts and frameworks with CIDE faculty, external guest speakers and your peers.

Explore their applicability in real-life contexts through interactive group exercises and simulations.

You also learn from the successes and failures of large and small companies (both B2B and B2C) striving to flourish in the digital era. All these experiences will inspire you as you rethink your approach to marketing.


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