Certificate in Digital Strategy and Analytics

But you need to understand how the platform way of doing business is different. To succeed in the platform ecosystem, it is critical to not only know the platform strategy, but also learn how this connects with your data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and data strategy.


Using a hands-on experiential approach, Digital Strategy & Analytics (DSA) shows you how to build a tight, integrated understanding of both frameworks so that you can execute with confidence.

Build an integrated understanding of digital strategies and data analytics

Building an effective digital strategy is more important than ever in today’s networked age. The most valuable companies have developed digital platforms or engage with those who offer a platform ecosystem such as Amazon, Apple, Uber etc.

Explore digital platforms

Explore the different digital platforms and see how you can replicate their success factors.

Discover digital ecosystems

Understand the entire digital ecosystem and discover monetization strategies.

Learn about analytical models

Learn about the various types of analytics and commonly used analytical models.

Build an integrated understanding

Build an integrated understanding of digital strategies and analytics to ensure you execute with confidence.

How Programme is Delivered

You are a manager looking to dive deeper into the topics of digital transformation, analytics and platform strategy and connect these platforms together. You already have the foundations and will be responsible for developing and implementing a digital strategy, and/or making complex decisions related to digital transformation and analytics. Now you are ready to connect strategy with analytics.


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