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Who are our Fellows?
Our Fellow (FCIDE) members are the most experienced digital professionals with many years of senior strategic experience. Whether they ho d a CTO position or operate as a digital consultant, FClDEs are considered leaders in their field.



Are ou an experienced Digital Transformation Manager or working at a Strategic level?

CIDE Member (MCIDE) level are experienced digital managers who are currently working at a strategic level within their organisation. An MCIDE’s role might typically be as a digital programming manager, digital marketing manager or digital customer experience manager. Leading a team of digital work force, MCIDEs set the direction and pace of digital work activity for their team to help the organisation accomplish their targets.


Are you a Digital Professional Executive or a new Digital Transformation Manager?

Our Associate (ACIDE) membership is the entry point to being a graded member as well as the first opportunity to begin your journey to becoming a Chartered Digital Professional. ACIDEs are typically digital executives or new digital managers and operate at a tactical level where they influence and report to senior management overlooking digital transformation.

How does being an ACIDE help you?

Professional recognition is as important at the start of your career as it is in your latter years. The ACIDE designatory letters and digital badges help you to stand out as a credible digital professional in a crowded and competitive space. Through demonstrating your desire to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and best practices or even working towards Chartered Digital Professional status, being an ACIDE gives you the platform to show just how valuable a digital professional you are. Whether you’re dedicated to developing your career in an existing role or aspiring to land your next perfect job, you can be confident you will be noticed.

Affiliate Professional

Are you new to Digitalisation?

Our Affiliate Professional membership is available to those new to junior digital roles or individuals who have taken on digital work responsibilities.

How can we help you?

When starting your marketing career, it’s essential to understand more about the world of digitalisation and how to develop your career in this industry; having the proper knowledge and support is vital.

As an Affiliate Professional, you can access trusted and carefully curated content. Plus, resources all designed to give you the practical and actionable insight you can apply in your day-to-day activities. Making you, the digital professional organisations want and need.

Our Network

Communities lie at the very heart of The Chartered Institute of Digital Economy. Our local, national, and international networks and events can help you share information and connect at every level in the digital community. Become part of our community by joining a local CIDE regional group as well as our sector industry groups which bring digital practitioner with professional industry knowledge together.

Designatory Letters

Highlight your digital practitioning experience by using CIDE designatory letters after your name


Access to a personal development platform full of interactive tools and e learning content


All Benefits

Free CIDE online course worth up to $499

Gain 90 days access to one of our online courses

CIDE Digital Bagdes

In a ever expanding digital industry, we understand that communicating your credential can be a challenge


Monthly webinars, exclusively for members covering trending topics from matter experts, including live Q&A session

Chartered Digital Professional

Be recognised for your commitment to maintaining the highest standards of up-to-date digital knowledge and expertise

Mentoring Programme

Taking that next step in your career by getting extra support

MyFellow Community

A networking platform that allows members to connect, converse and collaborate


Success Stories

What our customers say about us

Wilson Low

CEO of Wilstech

"The breadth of experience and skills acquired during a career as a digital professional, across digital economy disciplines and the simple recording and reflection of them over time, as part of my CPD makes the process of achieving Chartered status a 'no brainer' really. Why wouldn't you?"

Carmen Soo

Operation Director of Spectruck

"For me, Chartered Digital Professional status is the gold standard measure and recognition ofa digital practitioner's ability, experience and qualification to practice. It is the digital industry equivalent of other Chartered professions like marketing, accounting and engineering."

Shanil Nanayakkara

Director of Australian Presence Legal

Chartered Digital Professional status helps give me credibility with customers and clients. I do quite a bit of work for people in digital economy sectors and the 'Chartered' status crosses boundaries between industries.